Julián Calatrava
The Artist :
The work of Julian Calatrava is characterised by a very specific style of representation, inspired by trends in graphic design and colour, where the structure revolves around the human figure, prompting us to consider the human being both as an individual and as a link in the fabric of society. The artist employs a language similar to that used in comics to tackle this theme.

Gallery :

Characterised by a fluid line, his work reduces the form to its most elementary expression, with a preference for flat shades defined by line and volume, alternating areas composed of large reliefs with others containing imperceptible strokes.

Focusing primarily on urban environments, his work seeks to be a reflection of the exceptional in daily life, where the figures interact silently, against a background which fluctuates between reality and dream world. A world which appears to be full of the accessories and gadgets which are a part of our daily lives, and which are used as narrative elements in the creation of a visual and artistic experience.

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Curriculum :

Diplome d’Arts à l’ Université de San Carlos de Valencia
Université Miguel Hernández d’ alicante
Etudes d’Art - Suisse
Ecole d’Art - Californie

Expositions individuelle

- La Galerie - Denia
- AC Colón -Valencia

- Room Mate Pau - Barcelona
- Silken Puerta America - Madrid

- Room Mate Alicia - Madrid
- Room Mate Oscar - Madrid

- Punto Gallery - Valencia

- Foundation Mathias kuhn. Mallorca

- Foundation UBS. Madrid
- Gallery Artis. Valencia

-Mundo blando. Gallery Artis – Valencia.

- Serie paseos. Gallery Artis – Valencia.

- Salon BMW. Valencia.

- Villa Gadea/Museum de la música. Altea.

- Fair Dearte. Gallery Art-Europa -Madrid

- Fair Dearte. Gallery Art-Europa-Madrid
- Collection Ibalart. Valencia
- Fair Puroarte 2007. Vigo

- Fair Arcale 2006. Gallery Art-Europa –Valladolid.
- Collective. Gallery Artis –Valencia.
- Fair Dearte 2006. Gallery Art-Europa –Madrid.
- Temporal. Gallery Art-Europa –Valencia.

Expositions collectives

- City of Cience - Valencia

- Hemisferic. City of science-Valencia .
- Luis de Morales museum – Badajoz.
- Premio de escultura. -Fundación Caja Extremadura.
- Punto Gallery – Munich.
- Art-Innsbruck Fair– Austria
- Arteando art fair- Irun - Spain

- Patries Van Dorst Gallery – Leiden. Holland.
- Art-Madrid art fair –Punto Gallery.

- Dearte art fair –palacio de congresos – Madrid.
- Luis de Morales museum. Badajoz..
- Alfican Galerie – Brussels.
- Fudación de las artes y los artistas- Barcelona.
- Obra social Caja de Extremadura – Plasencia.
- City hall museum – Valdepeñas.
- Caja de Badajoz – Badajoz.
- Laguna de Duero art prize - Valladolid

- Calamart Gallery - Switzerland
- Arts-Emotions Gallery - France

- Dearte Fair -Madrid
- AAM fair – Milán
- AAG fair – Switzerland

- Dearte Fair- Madrid

- Fair Puro-Arte 2006. Gallery Art-Europa –Vigo.
- Foundation Carreras. Museum of arts–Valencia.
- Prize Senyera of sculpture and painture.
- Gallery El Tosal -Valencia.
- Colectiva. Gallery Ibalart –Valencia.

- Maestros del siglo XX. Gallery Ibalart –Valencia
- Fair Marb-Art 2005. Gallery Art-Europa. Marbella.
- Arte al Cham. Palau de la Música i congressos de Valencia.

- Itinerante. Gallery Art-Europa. Alboraya.
- I Bienal artes plásticas. Villa de Mostoles.
- 2ºInternational Sculpture prize.
- Gerencia de urbanismo de san Fernando.
- X Art prize. Foundation Gaceta.

- El Taller. Ca Revolta –Valencia.

- Colección. Facultad de BB.AA Universidad Miguel Hernandez Altea.

- Espacios colectivos show room. BB.AA University
- Miguel Hernández Casa de la cultura de Altea.

-De transito. Hangares de tren/Altea
- Casa de la cultura de Altea


Finaliste Concurso artes plásticas. Ayto. Majadahonda.
Finaliste Certámen Artes plásticas . Ayto. Valdepeñas.
Finaliste Certámen Artes plásticas . Ayto. Calviá - Mallorca
1er prix Certámen de Escutura Figurativa . Ayto. Badajoz - extremadura
Finaliste Certámen Artes Plásticas 2009 Fundación Villalar - Valladolid
1er prix Premio Senyera de Valencia 2009 Ayto. Valencia
Finaliste Certámen Mateo Hernandez 2009 Bejar - Salamanca

Finaliste certámen artes plásticas fundacion de arte figurativo - Barcelona
Mention Honneur Prémio escultura caja de Badajoz - Badajoz
Finaliste Premio artes plásticas Caja de Extremadura - Cáceres
Finaliste Premio artes plásticas Fundación Fenosa MACUF -Cantabria
Accesit Premio escultura Ayto. Laguna de Duero
1er prix premio de artes plásticas Ayuntamiento de Valdepeñas - Ciudad Real
Mention Honneur premio de escultura CDS - Madrid