Jean-François Bollié
The Artist :
The works of Jean-François Bollié are a natural reflection of the symbiosis of the metals which come together. Stripping down his medium in order to better rebuild it is a creative process often employed by the artist. Through the purity of the shapes, the entirety of existence is evoked.

Humans remain at the heart of Jean-François Bollié’s creations. His works are based around three strong themes: reflection, love and thought.

Gallery :

His sculpture La plongeuse, which has become a symbolic work of contemporary art, is a wonderful example of the first theme: when it encounters its double, it transforms into a magnificent symbol of love, giving birth to a second creation, Le coeur. Finally, born of his periods of isolation, the sculpture Le penseur evokes thought and invites the viewer to meditate.

Shifting beauties, the artist’s works emanate from the medium: in his hands, it fills out and blends together; the shapes multiply. Profound and timeless, his works are the result of observing elements of nature brought to life thanks to his technical mastery. The artist sums up his artistic vision and the philosophy which guides it perfectly in these few words: “My work lays no claim other than to be part of a tradition of truth and sincerity.”