Gianni Ottaviani
The Artist :
Gianni Ottaviani was born in Abruzzo Popoli on May 5, 1958.
After attending the Art Institute in Sulmona, initially finding his talent, his career as an artist began very early, with awards and prizes in various Italian and foreign cities.

His first great satisfaction took place in 1985 in Toronto with the exhibition in white and black "Chine" which was an unexpected success. Thereafter, he deepened his knowledge of the world of pop art with American artists. It marked a turning point and love at first sight.

Gallery :

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In subsequent years, he felt the spasmodic need to draw, to paint, to experiment with new technics and states of soul. His artworks were exhibited all around the world in Popoli, Pescara, Bolzano Milan, Rome, Naples, Paris, Montreal, Berlin, New York.

During this period, he met several art dealers, also undertaking his work. With enough discussible backstory, he collaborated with museums and art galleries, showing himself as an excellent organizer of painting award contests, In 1995, in cooperation with the staff of Achille Bonito Oliva, he presented personal exhibitions at the Palace in Rome. Applaused by both critics and audience, he gave way to a very important researches. Ottaviani is also a fantastic portraitist "Diego Abatantuono", "Veronica Berlusconi", "Pope Wojtyla," "Princess Diana", "George Weah", "Andrea Dalla Valle", Monica Bellucci” and other works of professional players and celebrities from different professional fields.

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The following :
In 2003 he exhibited in Montreal, where for the first time, in addition to his personal works, he presented an exhibition dedicated to Milan Football team, creating an original combination of art and football.

In Kiev, during the World Cup in 2006, he organized an exhibition with a social background "A tribute to Andriy Shevchenko”. In 2007 he was invited by the company Cow Parade to paint and reinterpret three cows: the first one – a red black cow - for the Milan Football Team intitled "Journey with the Stars", the second for the Ministry of Tourism named "Made in Italy" in Rome, the third for thr city of Capri intitled "I return in mind,". In the same year, an exhibition dedicated to Art and Football took place in the theater "Margherita" in Rome and was a huge success. At the same period an exhibition at the "Stadium France" in Paris took place.

His new production, development of Art Nouveau of Rotella, Arman and Rauschenberg was presented in October 30, 2008 in Lugano, in the refined atmosphere of Relais & Châteaux Villa in Principe Leopoldo. The success from critics convinced the maestro that his artistic proposal is finally free of all prejudice.