Mr OneTeas
The Artist :
Anthony Alberti, alias Mr OneTeas, became interested in painting on the streets. Self-taught, he started out with graffiti, developing his artistic knowledge through travel, meetings and discussions, leaving his imprint in the streets of major cities around the world.

Over the years, Mr OneTeas has become an iconic ambassador for recycling, giving new life to obsolete materials and objects. “The importance of the medium is paramount. We are nothing without history; these objects and materials are an integral part of our evolution, then they go out of fashion and fall into obscurity.” Beyond his focus on artistic creativity, Mr OneTeas also seeks to denounce the overconsumption, which is found everywhere.

Consumed by the desire to create, he draws his inspiration from the media, politics and culture. Repurposing images and news items in the service of his art, Mr OneTeas delivers his critical vision of society, always tinged with humour and originality.

Gallery :